Life truly is beautiful!!

 It's those extra special events that make life "Vita Bella". Planning and Coordinating are my true passion, and I would love to share my talents with you! Making those landmark events in your life extra special is what I do! I truly care about your event, and want to help you make it everything you dreamed it would be and more. An elegant, beautiful event is within your reach, regardless of your budget. Let me show you how!

Why Do You Need A Coordinator?

I know you may be thinking to yourself, "I am a very organized person. I like to plan things, I want to control everything about my Wedding Day..." Right?  I know this because these are the same thoughts I had when planning my own wedding 2 years ago. I have been planning and organizing events both large and small for years now, I can handle my own wedding!

As true as this was, as it may be for you as well, I quickly realized much to my chagrin that yes, even I still needed some help. It's impossible to be the Star of your special day AND the Organizer/Coordinator/Time Keeper, etc...Even if you are able to plan every single moment down to the most minute detail, you will still need someone in your corner to help you make those dreams a reality. You need someone you can count on to carry out your wishes and see your plan through to the very end.  There are so many wonderful emotions and exciting things going on throughout the planning process, not to mention on your actual Wedding Day, that someone needs to be there to keep you focused, grounded, and as stress-free as possible. This is where La Bella Vita comes in!


I pledge to help you make your Wedding Day or Special Event surpass your expectations. I pledge to listen to you when you tell me your ideas and dreams about what makes a perfect day for you. I pledge to guide you and offer advice and suggestions based on your vision. I pledge to help direct you in regards to staying within your budget, without forfeiting your desires for a uniquely incredible event. I pledge to make you feel like a guest at your event so that you may enjoy it with your friends and family instead of being stressed host and missing it. These are the moments that make life Vita Bella...and you deserve to start living it now.

 Photo By: Photography by Charise

Photo By: Photography by Charise